PPG Minutes: 13th December 2023



Maiden Newton Surgery



Practice Representitives

  • Dr Richa Singh – GP Partner
  • Carly Reed – Head of Services, Clinical and Ops
  • Emma Hallett – Head of Services, Finance and Ops
  • Rob Greening – Dispensary Manager
  • Aliny Morency – Patient Services Lead

Patient Representitives

  • Georgina Browning 
  • Ben Sennett
  • Eileen Laidler
  • David Ennals
  • Diana Padfield
  • Sue Hinchley
  • Rebecca Webb
  • Sue Taylor


  • Julian English
  • Barbara Evans 
  • James Perriss
  • Charles Le Vay 

1.0 Premises Update

  • Recently replaced part of our boundary fencing
  • Repainting of the building interior to start in January 2024

There are still plans to relocate the dispensary into the current staff room and reconfigure reception and the patient waiting areas. We have not been able to secure a grant as this is not directly improving patient areas or patient access.

It was noted that the dispensary is an important part of the community and the 2nd biggest dispensing practice in Dorset, dispensing approximately 100,000 items a year.

If patients have one off scripts at a pharmacy, please remember to say this is a one off as others have been signed up at this point to other providers.

Attitudes and behaviours were discussed at several points of the meeting. All teams, especially at reception and the dispensary are finding that incidents of shouting, swearing, calling names etc is now a daily occurrence. This is damaging to the current staff, and it also makes it harder to recruit.  We do operate a zero-tolerance policy which can ultimately lead to removal from our list.

Experiences were shared and it was agreed that there has been a marked improvement to services and staffing and it feels as if the practice is back on track.  

Action - Parish representatives to agree media message to be added to all parish magazines.


2.0 Dispensary Update

We have been working 110 hours short in the dispensary for several weeks due to staff turnover (relocation, change of career and maternity) and we thank you for your patience. This slows things down and has a knock-on effect. Service has been maintained but this has led to increased work for reception as discussed.

An important message to the community is to be proactive – order your medication in plenty of time (at least 3 days for repeat medication) and only order what you need.  When collecting – check the bag before you leave.

Last minute demands for repeat medication the same day does put a strain on the system.

On a more positive note, we have 2 new starters this week in the dispensary.

The best way to contact the surgery dispensary is to use the eConsult admin option on our website. Medication changes, additional of repeat medication and side effects all need to be assessed by a prescriber.


3.0 GP update

  • Dr Lane has left the practice.
  • Successful recruitment of 2 new GPs to Ammonite with the plan for them to be added to the rota over at Maiden Newton during the first quarter of 2024.

Clarification was sought between differences in role salaried GPs vs partners.

  • Salaried GPs – employees, hold a small patient list.
  • Partners - hold patient list, responsible for the management and leadership of the practice.

The Managing Partner for Ammonite Health Partnership is Dr Andy Finucane

As you will know from our previous meetings, recruitment of GPs has been a cause for concern with numbers of GPs in practice (nationally) declining over the past years. This prompted us to change our working model, increasing our Advance Clinical Practitioners from 3 to 8. These master’s level trained professionals work in a similar way to our Salaried GPs seeing patients and conducting telephone calls. They also provide support within the eHub. The ACP acronym covers professionals from nursing, pharmacy, paramedic etc backgrounds.

Recruitment looks to be improving for us with a possible 2 new GPs for later in 2024 which will help with planned retirement/resignations.

We now have a Physiotherapist working with us for 2 days a week.

With more staff, the question regarding the opening of Maiden Newton on a Thursday was asked. We are always assessing our access provision and our opening hour status will continue to be monitored. 

Our current extended access provision is provided by LIVI GP. A remote service that offers telephone consultations. If further investigations are required, an appropriate appointment will be booked back at the practice. 

Even with the new clinicians it is important to know that we have lost a lot of clinical staff and it will take some time to get back to pre-merger levels.

Concerns were raised regarding gossip in the community that the practice was planning to close the Maiden Newton site. The practice remains committed to keeping the site open and is planning investment in areas already discussed today.

The current provision of GP appointments across Maiden Newton and Tunnel Road was discussed which led on to presentation of some data.


4.0 Data for October 23

Registered Patients

  • Total 24,514
  • Maiden Newton 12% 2871
  • Tunnel Road 13% 3186
  • Bridport 75% 18,457

Appointment Availability

  • Maiden Newton 565 (pro rata, greater that offered at Bridport)
  • Tunnel Road 593
  • Bridport 3503


5488 eConsult, telephone and via reception resulting in the following outcomes

  • Face to face app 2421 
  • Telephone calls 1679 
  • Completed in triage 1298 

5.0 Any other business

Next steps for the PPG are to elect a chairperson and secretary.  Nominations can be voted on at the next meeting.  This small committee will be mirrored at Bridport Medical Centre with representatives of each group coming together for a joint committee.  It was felt that concerns would be different geographically and due to size etc.

Feedback came from the floor to reflect that new GPs working out of MN were very good, along with an improvement of reception staff.  It is felt that the community is fortunate to have the service.  Like any other sector, there will be hiccups, but things are looking up.

eConsult was discussed along with other similar platforms.  

With no more points the meeting closed.

Minutes will be posted on the practice website and a copy of the data presentation will be emailed to those attending today.

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday 12th March at 2pm