Free PPE for Unpaid Carers




What is unpaid care?

Unpaid care is care that is delivered by a family member or friend for those who, due to a lifelong condition, illness, disability, serious injury, a mental health condition or an addiction, cannot cope without their support. Unpaid care includes a range of activities including delivering personal care such as washing, dressing, and feeding as well as help with laundry, cooking, shopping, and cleaning. Unpaid carers who provide essential care for someone who lives in another household can continue to do so under all local and national restrictions. It is crucial that this care is essential care only.


Who can request free PPE?

  • Extra-resident unpaid carers (i.e. those who don’t live with the person they care for)
  • Co-resident unpaid carers (i.e. those who reside with the person they care for)
  • Unpaid carers who are caring for a clinically extremely vulnerable person

How to request free PPE

To request your PPE, complete this online form or call us on 01305 221000.

Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.


Published: Mar 8, 2021