Covid-19 Vaccination




NHS England Invitation Letters

If you have received a letter from NHS England regarding the booking of your covid-19 vaccination, please note you cannot book in at the Medical Centre. As stated in the letter, you must call NHS 119 who will give you an appointment at one of the mass vaccination centres. 

If you cannot travel to a vaccination centre, please wait to be contacted by your GP. This will take a little longer whilst we continue to work on completing the vaccinations for people in cohorts 1 to 6.


Patient Booking System

If you have a Smart phone and have given us your mobile number, you are now able to self-book your Covid-19 vaccination subject to the following.

You are in a cohort of patients currently eligible for vaccination AND you have received a text message from us inviting you to book.

You can update your contact (mobile and email) information by using our secure online form. Please ensure your full name is included together with your old (if applicable) and new mobile numbers/email addresses.

We are sending SMS (text) messages to our registered patients as they become eligible for a vaccination. On receiving an invitation, if you find you cannot use the booking system, you can still make an appointment by calling Bridport Medical Centre.

The SMS message will contain a link to make the booking, this is personal to you and MUST NOT be shared. 

Invitations are phased to prevent system overload. So if you do not immediately receive an invitation, please be patient.

You will receive an SMS message similar to the first image. The other images show screens from the booking system. Ammonite Health is part of the Jurassic Coast Primary Care Network (PCN).

Vaccination Invite

Vaccination Invite

vaccination confirm

Published: Mar 8, 2021