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Merger of the Tollerford Practice and Bridport Medical Centre 6th April 2021

Our formal application to merge was approved by NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, which allows us to work towards the 6th April 2021 as our merger date. After this date we will become one single practice known as Ammonite Health Partnership offering services at Bridport Medical Centre, Maiden Newton and Tunnel Road, Beaminster. 

You do not need to do anything as your registration and medical records will transfer automatically when the clinical systems merge on 6th April.   

Please note the practice will be closed from 12 noon on 6th April until 8:30am on 7th April.  During this time there will be no access to eConsult and patients with online accounts will be unable to log into the system between these times.


Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers have been prepared to assist all patients of the Tollerford Practice and Bridport Medical Centre who are merging to form a single practice on 6th April 2021.  After that date we will be known as Ammonite Health Partnership offering services from:  

  • Maiden Newton 
  • Tunnel Road, Beaminster
  • Bridport Medical Centre

Q1  When will the merge to the new Practice take place?

The practices will merge on 6th April 2021. 


Q2  Will I still be able to make an appointment to see my usual doctor or nurse?



Q3  Will I still be able to make appointments at my usual doctor’s surgery?

Yes. We will continue to provide daily appointments to see doctors, nurses and healthcare support workers. 


Q4  Will my usual surgery opening times stay the same?

Yes. We are not currently anticipating any changes to our core opening times. 


Q5  Will there be changes made to the way I book appointments?

No. We are not anticipating any immediate changes to the way you book appointments.   There may be adjustments over time to improve efficiency and make best use of our combined resources.


Q6  Will I have to go to another GP practice site for consultations and/or treatments? 

No. However, we anticipate that you will have wider choice of clinicians with particular skills which you may be able to access.


Q7  Will any service that is currently offered by my usual surgery be removed or stopped?

No. We do not anticipate services being removed or stopped.  Rather, we anticipate that this merger will bring about a greater choice of services. In the event that the contracts against which we deliver are changed by NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, we would be unable to influence those changes. 


Q8  Will there be any changes to how I access the GP out of hours service?

No. In order to access a GP when the new practice is closed, you will continue to telephone the NHS 111 service as you do now.


Q9  Will the current arrangements that I have in place for getting my medicines stay the same?



Q10  Will the intended merge affect any treatment or medication I am currently receiving either at my usual surgery or any hospital?

No. Any current treatments, medications or investigations will not be affected by the merger. 


Q11  Will I need to re-register to become a patient of the single GP Practice?

What will happen to my health records? No, you will not need to re-register.  Your registration will automatically be transferred to the single practice system.  


Q12  What will happen to my medical records? 

When practices merge, the clinical systems in each practice will also merge into a single system. This is an automated process and patient information will be transferred automatically.  The new single system will allow the merged practice to work as a single organisation, providing you with safe and effective care, as we do currently. 


Q13 I am concerned that the practices will be taken over by a private provider.

The decision to commission GP services from a particular contractor lies with NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group under strict governance. Therefore, the partners of Tollerford and Bridport are not in a position to make such a decision.  On the contrary, we are joining forces to sustain and preserve local provision of local healthcare for the foreseeable future.


Q14 I am concerned that my local practice will lose its identity as part of a bigger organisation.

We are keen to preserve the local flavour of each practice under the umbrella of the newly merged contract, retaining their individuality where practicable, sharing the resources of the combined team to establish a stable workforce in each site.  Tollerford and Beaminster are important practices to the merging organisation, not least because they are dispensing.  Being part of a bigger organisation will give them a stronger voice in the community and the wider Primary Care Network (PCN).   


Q15 How can I be involved? 

You are invited to join the Patient Participation Group (PPG).   PPGs can bring significant benefits to a GP practice: improving services, allowing resources to be used more efficiently and, most importantly, developing mutually supportive networks.  You would be most welcome to join, please contact the practice manager for more information.

Published: Mar 12, 2021

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