Fill out a simple online form Monday through to Friday 8.30am - 6.30pm to get advice and treatment within the next 48 working hours. This helps avoids telephone queues, connects you to relevant information and, if an appointment is needed, the most suitable clinician to treat you. Self-help advice is available through eConsult 24 hours a day.



If you think you may have difficulty with an online consultation don’t worry, our reception team are happy to assist you or will happily complete the process on your behalf over the phone. 

Our GPs will review the consultation and you will be contacted by the end of the next working day, if not sooner. Either by email (don’t forget to check your junk email folder), or by phone as appropriate to your consultation.

Please be reassured that patients needing to be examined will be invited to the medical centre. 



We have been running eConsult for a while and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Here are some of our most recent comments:

"Very satisfied because I did not need to take time off work, or interrupt the Dr with a tel call."

"It's a brilliant service and saves on booking appointments that aren't always necessary when others may need them more. This service is great, Especially if it isn't urgent."

"It avoids long wait times for problems that can be sorted online."

"The process was quick and easy and I received a response very quickly."

"Very satisfied with the speed with which my practice reacted to my concerns.  Within a few days I was booked for further tests at Dorchester hospital."