Covid Booster Update




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Due to significant increases in cases of the Omicron Variant, NHSE England has asked that your practise stand up as much as vaccination capacity as possible, over the next two weeks. 

West Dorset has over 12,000 patients still requiring a booster. 

Our Primary Care Network will be running a session on Saturday 18th December, where up to 1500 patients will be vaccinated. You will appreciate that there is a very little time to get this clinic filled. 

The PCN will be prioritising those patients over 70 years old who have not yet recieved a booster. 

Patients will recieve a text invite - if you know of anybody who might struggle with this booking system, please do help them. 

The PCN may also call patient, if they have sufficient resource to do so.


What will happen next? 

For the following two-week period, your team at Ammonite plan to vaccinate on the following days:

  • Monday 20th December 
  • Tuesday 21st December (Nothing at Bridport, but there will be a small ''pop up'' clinic at Maiden Newton for patients who would suffer a detriment if they were asked to travel to our Bridport site).
  • Wednesday 22nd December 
  • Thursday 30th December 
  • Friday 31st December 

All dates will be subject to change and dependant on vaccine and vaccinator supply 



How will your team at Ammonite make this happen?

NHS England have clearly mandated that vaccinations will be a number one priority and urgent/same day will be second priority.

We have been advised that all other primary care work is to be deferred over this period. This is not something we will do lightly as we are already working with backlogs due to previous Covid lockdowns and staff shortages due to self-isolation and sickness.


Our reception teams do not have the capacity to book Covid boosters; calling us will blocks our lines, making it more difficult for unwell patients to contact us.

We will be vaccinating our patients that are due a booster?

 For Ammonite, 8000 patients still require a booster. There will not be sufficient capacity at our site to vaccinate the all those that are due a booster; there is not the capacity to do so, without seriously affecting patient care.

We ask that patients who are able to travel consider booking via 119 and taking the offer of a vaccine, at another “near” location; this will ensure there is capacity for those who find travelling more difficult to be vaccinated at our Bridport site.

What do we mean by ''urgent/same day'' care?

Put very simply, urgent/same day care is for a medical need that does not require attendance at A&E but that, without the intervention of a GP/Nurse, may result in a patient becoming critically unwell. Examples would be acute exacerbation of respiratory disease (difficulty breathing), unwell children and those with acute neurological symptoms. If you are unsure, please call 111 before calling through to the surgery. We ask that patients also consider using alternative services (pharmacy and our Minor Injuries Service at Bridport Hospital, where appropriate).

If you are uncertain which service to use, please call 111.

As ever, for emergency care, please call 999.

Can patients still contact the surgery? 

We will still be open (phone lines will be manned) and our GPs will still be triaging any incoming requests for more urgent medical attention. Patients will still be able to request and collect prescriptions. Some clinics will still be running (limited face to face consultations for those with urgent medical need, child immunisations, leg ulcer dressings and appointments for those with medical problems relating to long term conditions). Other work will be deferred to the New Year.

How can patients get COVID queries answered? 

WE ARE NOT ABLE TO ANSWER COVID DATA QUERIES (Covid passes, vaccinations given abroad, incorrect data issues). The answers to all questions can be found via the government website -

How can patients support the team at Ammonite? 

We ask that you please bear with us over this time. Your surgery has already vaccinated the West Dorset population, twice, with no back up “mass vaccination” site nearby to support us. The team is pretty much exhausted but excited to be helping out again. We only ask that you use us wisely over the next two weeks (and into January as we will get the inevitable “New Year surge” in demand on our service).

Please be kind. We can do this, together. 

Published: Dec 17, 2021