Long Term Conditions: Annual Reviews


If you have a long-term health condition you will be invited in for your annual review during the month of your birthday. However, in the meantime, if you are concerned about your health do not wait to be called for your annual review, either complete an eConsult form or call 111.

What next?

We are fortunate in that we have already embedded “digital first” solutions into our new way of working (such as online consultations or utilising text and video). This has enabled our clinical team to be more responsive to patients’ needs for clinical input.  In the main, patients appear to have welcomed these changes.

You need take no action until we contact you. If you have a long-term condition and we have an email address for you, you will receive an email from us with further information, instructions and if applicable, links to relevant questionnaires. Otherwise we will contact you by letter.


Watch our video to hear Dr Skellern explain the changes and benefits of our new way of working


How will it work?

If you are sent a link to a questionnaire and you complete it, it will be securely submitted to a clinician for review.


Can the entire process be completed remotely?

No. Blood tests are one of the elements of a review that need a face to face appointment. You will be advised if a blood test is necessary and you will be asked to book this with reception.

Many of the long-term condition reviews ask for a recent blood pressure reading. Home readings are considered the “gold standard” for measuring blood pressure and we ask that you please do consider purchasing a blood pressure monitor. These can be found on Amazon, or your local chemist can advise. The Omron monitors we use in the surgery can be purchased for around £25.

Alternatively, If you have been asked for a blood pressure reading and you are unable to purchase one, you will be able to use the waiting room blood pressure monitor. Please remember, whilst restrictions due to covid remain in place, please bring your invitation and wear an appropriate face covering.


What if I am not managing and feel unwell with my condition?

Remote annual reviews are just that – an annual check in and review of your condition followed by a medication review.

If you are unwell or concerned, you should contact the medical team as usual, via eConsult, or if you are unsure, call 111


When will I hear back from the specialist?

You will be advised of the outcome of your review by either phone or email. This may take up to four weeks and will either:

  • notify you that the review is complete, and no further action is required or
  • request a phone call to discuss a management plan (this can be by video) or
  • request that you book a face to face appointment. 

What if I do not have a mobile or email?

Where we do not have either a mobile or email contact for a patient, we will contact them by letter. We are hoping that this will be very few patients. Please do go to the ‘update contact details’ page on our website to ensure we have the most up to date contact information for you. This will help us so we can better help you.