Covid Boosters




The patients we will be inviting for boosters to our site at Bridport (with some limited activity at other surgeries) are:

  • Over the age of 80
  • Living in residential care homes
  • Housebound
  • Immunosuppressed (3rd Dose)

Patients become eligible for a booster vaccine SIX MONTHS after the 2nd dose of their COVID vaccine course, and we will be inviting patients soon by phone, text and post. Please wait to be contacted.

Please do NOT contact the practice about Covid boosters unless you are:

- Over 80yrs

- Highly vulnerable (see earlier posts for very strict criteria on this)

We are not coordinating the local booster campaign. This is being coordinated by NHS England via 119. We are not able to book boosters, nor are we able to advise on government policy (that we have yet to be advised of ourselves!).These calls are blocking our already incredibly busy lines, stopping those with medical needs from getting through to us.

All COVID booster queries and bookings should be booked directed to 119.